questions about seo (tier link building structure)

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    I've implemented some seo techniques, and I'm trying to rank a blogspot...

    Should I have my homepage indexed? I'm trying to rank for a lot of keywords, and I figured it would be a better route to h1 tag my post title and rank these posts individually for each keyword I wish to rank for, just create a post for each keyword, therefore I've no-indexed my site in this a good route to go?

    As it stands, I'm bouncing around in google for my select longtail keyword term, and I'm around 100 to 151 is where I'm bouncing around.....

    When they say to buildlinks to a money site, and add content to your tier 1 links.....should you also be adding content to your money site too???

    can you rank a money site for keyword(s) without having those keywords on the money site?

    The keyword I'm targeting is longtail with pretty low comp, and I have a tumblr do-follow that I've added very little content to, but will continue to try and add related content to. Am I on the right path for climbing up the ranks for my keyword maybe?