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    Hello blackhatworld members.

    I was going trough threads to find useful info for newbies and I found this one.

    For Newbies ? Start making money - Complete Guide to get started

    So I read it all and I found it very useful, but there are still some things that I don't understand.
    Please don't eat me for these newbie questions.

    Thanks. :)

    So the first thing that I didn't understand is

    ? Day 2 - Bookmarking (2-5 are enough. Don?t build like 100 bookmark links). And submit your site to google, yahoo and bing.

    What is bookmarking? How do you do it?

    ? Day 7 to 10 ? Build link push like mentioned in this thread . Day only 5x5 linkpush for 4 days. Bookmark them.

    I read the article about link pushing, but I didn't realy get it:

    First of all what is "tier"?
    what does article "batch spinning" mean?

    And when I post the spinned articles to my hub pages should the domains be or keyword(.)com??

    ? Day 11 to 14 ? Build 10 EDU profile links and wiki links daily.

    What is EDU profile linkgs and wiki links???

    Thanks, I know that there are a lot of guys that can help me soo please do. :)

    And as I already sad, don't eat me because of these questions.

    Thanks. :)
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    Well, I'll kick this off from the little I have learned from this forum so far:

    To add some context, a tier is part of 'Tiered Link Building' (Google it), which is basically a method of building backlinks to your money site using 3 - 4 tiers of different types and strengths of links.

    You can take an original article and 'spin it' in a piece of software called an article spinner. Effectively, you end up with lots of different versions of the same article, which means you can then use that same article multiple times over.
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    Bookmarking sites are sites where you can bookmark your sites, yay :) Like digg, digoo, delicious, stumbleupon, etc.

    All you need to do is signing up, and posting your bookmarks.

    Tiers are levels. Tier 1 backlinks are those that pointed to your money site. Tier 2 links are those pointed to your Tier 1 links, etc.

    Don't really understand the question :) What domains are we talking about?

    An edu backlink is a link to a website from a domain name with the .edu extension, registered by educational institutions and usually carrying a lot of authority. Till it's spammed to hell :)

    Wiki links are backlinks from sites "similar to" Wikipedia.