questions about my new adwords account after one that was suspended???

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by CaptinAmerica, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Please read and let me know your thoughts?

    So I was able to get another account from a friend who had the account for over 2 years just never used it so gave it to me when i told her what happen.
    So I CCleaned, blocked with proxy, but still want to go after the same URL as the account that was suspended. Will this account get suspended as well? The site I'm going after is legit, no ads, nothing against goggles TOS. The issue with the second account getting suspended was because the first account which was linked to the second one was suspended because of direct violations to Google's TOS. Hopefully not to confusing.

    To sum this up, the account I'm going to try now has no affiliation what so ever to any of my accounts or any of my IP addresses. The only question would be is if I can target a site I have tried before, which is a clean, legit site. Or because it was part of another account that was suspended that this account will be suspended as well?

    Thanks guys
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    Make sure to change ownership ( Whois record ) of the domain. In a "unsuspend guide" I've read to do this so you can pretend the site was sold but also to wait at least to months.
    Change your computer name.
    Flush cookies and flash cookies.
    Install a new browser. ( Firefox running in private browsing mode is a good choice)
    But about your proxy, this is always risky. Can't you get a new ip from your ISP? By unplugging your modem a few hours maybe?
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    What is this?