Questions about I.M in other Countries from the USA

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by narutorocker, Mar 4, 2009.

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    I am currently residing in the usa and desire to target other countries with internet marketing. I have never tried to market in other countries before so I can use a little help with some answers to some questions and some tips from experience internet marketers already familiarized in marketing in other countries successful.

    Question 1: Lets say I want to do internet marketing in Australia, Is it best to be hosted for my website in Australia? As oppose to using my current web hosting company which is in the usa? Does this play any factor in ranking in google search engine in Australia?

    Question 2: Domain name? It would probably be best to have a domain with a .au extension as oppose to .com right?

    Question 3: Do alot of you usually target other countries?And whats your personal experience when doing so?

    Any tips and opinions are most appreciated, Thank you in advance my fellow black hat world members
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    Hi Naturorocker

    1. Yes it is, though people will argue with me about that.
    but yes - google will definitely wants to see localized site and reconizing IP addresses

    2. You better register the local domain name. .com is not suitable for all countries.

    3. I am working at the US, France and Germany market for many years, but yet australia ;)

    it is not easy to work on other countries (really not easy) - but i am sure that in australia it will be much much easier.

    so take care, and wish you best of luck at the australia market..!