Questions about CrakRevenue and general about adult traffic

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by sassdrake, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Recently i started working on uploading webcam related videos on porn related webcams that redirects to my website with direct redirection to
    some of the CRAkrevenue offers...i have design skills and i work in After effects for editing them so i try to make them good looking so i can get better CTR and so far in 5 days i generated more then 300 unique visitors on my website from around the world but mainly USA and UK and i only have 2 conversions
    I tested 4 different offers so far and also i tested Chaturbate where i had 90 visitors and only 1 conversion
    If this goes like this then i need to upload 500 vides per day to make about 5-10$ daily
    So is anyone doing this and how are you doing ,and do you have some suggestions, maybe i need to upload 1000 videos daily or something is not working here(or maybe Crakrevenue and Chaturbate is not conveerting all of my clicks)?
    Any suggestion is appreciated.
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    First of all there are some bots you can use to automate the uploading of videos, I can't remember the names off the top of my head but if you do a search I'm sure you will find some. I think rootjazz has a few. I personally find Chaturbate has worked well for me but you need to give it time, I chose the Revshare option and it took me around a month to get my first sale.
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    convert trash traffic into cash
    Test also tubecamgirl and bongacams for PPL, and awempire and pussycash for PPL/Revshare. But you will find that conversion is probably same on most different cam sites, if 1:100 in one, will be 1:100 in most other.
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    Sorry for jumping into this thread I have around 1:4000 conversion rate, what do you think could be the reason?