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questions about azoogleads

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Dragn, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Dragn

    Dragn Regular Member

    Mar 5, 2008
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    okay so i recently got accepted into azoogleads(dot)com, this is my first CPA network and im a little confused on something.

    I figured out how to sort through available CPA offers, and im given the option to create a "sub ID" which im assuming is nothing more than some type of tracking ID for yourself. From there it automatically creates a link for me to use (for example, if i put the Sub ID as "bahha" i get this: http://x.azjmp.com/3TQkx?sub=bahha, this is not a real link just example) if i dont use a sub ID, i get http://x.azjmp.com/3TQkx

    question: are both these links instantly live? theres no "okay" or "submit" or anything, so is it automatically generating the links with my affiliate code? i notice i get some clicks but no downloads (even tested myself once and was going to see that it worked, then message my AM letting him know that i did that so i dont get in trouble) but i didnt get a readout of a download or a visit, is that cause i did it from the same computer im logged in with or what?

    Also, ive masekd the affiliate link with a .tk domain name (so instead of http://x.azjmp.com/3TQkx its like blahblah.tk), will that break my affiliate link or am i okay?

    sry, i know these are stupid questions but im so new to CPA this is confusing me D:
  2. BillyMac856

    BillyMac856 Newbie

    Oct 12, 2009
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    That's just for tracking purposes, every network has their own.
    Azoogle's is: ?sub=
    CJ's is: ?sid=
    Clickbank's is: ?tid=
    It's only so you that your tracking can append numbers/letters, it's just for tracking purposes like prosper202, or stats junkie or any tracking service/program. Either one of your url's will be able to click through to the offer. If you want to track that campaign, which you should otherwise you won't have a clue of what's working and what's not, check out prosper202 it's all free, just a bitch to set up on wordpress.
    Good Luck!
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