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I purchased this software yesterday. I am very familiar with scraping google autosuggest. I normally use scrapebox BUT to get the best results you have to manage different word lists and merge them all together, everytime. Sometimes I use a browser plug-in or a cloud based tool because they are very fast, but they are not in-depth. The results are from a very basic way of scraping google autosuggest.

I was looking for a solution where I could just put a keyword in and press start. Question forge pro is that solution.

I am very impressed with the customer service I’ve received from the developer.
The software does exactly what it says it does.

ALL of my scrapes have found hundreds more relevant autosuggest content than the browser plugins and cloud based tools I’ve used recently (at the push of a button).

The software is on the slow side to scrape. My other software etc currently is significantly faster to return results and complete the scrapes, even with 10K+ phrases I’m scraping for.

X has already told me that there is a V2 of this tool being developed at some point. I hope to see a speed increase when scraping. It is slow even using multiple threads and low timeout (but you can make up for that being able to run multiple instances).

I think it was a good purchase for me and I’m going to keep using this. Looking forward to V2.
Feature request: In version 2 please consider adding captcha service support. Even if it’s just 2captcha api etc.

This morning I turned up my threads trying to speed up scraping and got all my proxies banned. Now I have to wait until whenever google decides to let me continue scraping. Captcha service would solve this issue.

thank you for your consideration.
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I suppose if this tool doesn't support French (read it from last page), it only works in English? If so, I'll wait for v2 :)

A feature request for the upcoming version: include the option to chose aa-zz searches (dog aa*, dog ab* instead of dog a*, dog b*).
Feature Request:
Ability to load seed keywords from a txt file with a list of keywords.
Also if possible output can be updated in realtime in a txt file just like in the output window.
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Any updates on the V2? I'm just about to purchase this one, but would be sad to miss the v2 though.
Is V2 released and is this program still being maintained?
PMs sent to everyone requesting the discount - thanks for your interest!

Is V2 released and is this program still being maintained?

Hi, thanks for your question! V1 still runs as it should, though the all new features are for v2 as it's a complete rebuild.

V2 has been delayed until I can finally push the last 3 major features for Q&A Grabber which I've been close to completing for a while now, but travel, overtime, the holidays, and bug fixes for the new features have put me way behind where I'd like to be. I have more time now that things have settled down, so I'm back to working on things every day again now until I get those live, and then finishing QF PRO v2 is my next top priority on my list. Will announce here when it's live as it will come with a price increase (V1 users will be grandfathered in with existing licenses)
Hello, I purchased your Q&AGrabber software and it is excellent. Congratulations on the great work!

I need a large volume of keywords, preferably in question format, to use with Q&AGrabber.

Can Question Forge Pro generate these long-tail questions? Does it work in Brazilian Portuguese?

Is there any discount coupon available? Thank you for the help
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