[Question] Ways to describe Internet Marketing to potential customers

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by afro25, Mar 19, 2012.

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    How do you explain internet marketing such as Web design and SEO to potential customers? It's a subject i'm a little stuck on at the moment and i haven't yet had a go at this, but say if you were calling someone who owns a business and you wanted to sell them a website / website redesign / SEO services - What do you think is the best way to describe what internet marketing is about and how it can benefit them?

    I've thought about asking if they have a website, and if not then why they're not taking advantage of boosting their online presence, or something like explaining how many people use the internet and thus how many potential customers they're losing out on if they're not getting their brand online - But i'm sure that there are better/easier ways of explaining it out there.
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    "Google It!" - No seriously... sometimes I say that to people... "Google It!" is now a houshold term... Anyone who doesn't understand IM from those two words is lost on the modern world, but how would you know: Did someone ask you what IM is with a smoke signal?
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    If you rang me and asked if I had a website I'd not be able to take you seriously. I'd presume you know nothing about the internet if you were unable to find out if I already had a website or not.

    There are plenty of WSOs on here which have example sales letters you could use, but a few pointers off the top of my head.

    Make it personal, find out the guys name you are writing to/attempting to ring.
    Refer to figures (even search volumes if thats all you have) form their niche.
    Do some real research. If you write to me, address me as mrdexter, reference my real business, describe a problem which you can EASILY solve, then I'll at least talk to you.
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    Very first thing you should do is ask yourself if the time spent explaining is worth YOUR time. You need to create a prospecting sheet/check list identifying your best client.

    Learn their language. They don't speak yours so learn theirs. Firstly make sure you present it as an investment. tell them they will get more customers. Expand brand recognition. Lower cost per acquisition. Increase sales and profit, competitiveness...

    I personally stay very far away from ppl/businesses who don't know crap about internet marketing, let alone "SEO" and I also stay away from those who know every internet related acronym I know.