Question - URL Extensions and Google Placement


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Mar 20, 2009
Let's say your desired keyword for worldwide traffic is


Let's say is taken but is free

Would you jump for joy about knowing you can still rank high or would you try and think of another good keyword url that has a .com

such as

I have not often seen .tv or .net ranking high I heard that G prefers either or .com or the country url extension above these? or am I being a moron and should just buy gainthairyballs.whateverisavailable.
NO way.. come on my question was a proper one this time.. I normally ask dumb questions like "where is the sky located" or " is the sea wet "
I suggest that you always get a .com because like you said it is always harder for you to rank high with .tv!

Good keyword research will help you find a great domain name

And .com's are more professional!

Thats pretty funny example tho!
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