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    So I'm realy pissed off becuase every time I install different ROM on my Android smartphone, all app data from last ROM stays there, taking up all my memory space, but the app itself always disappears and if I download the same app - you guessed it, it doesn't recognize files that are already there, it just downloads the whole data again.

    So the reason of this thread is to ask if anyone knows a fast way to detect and delte previous app data that is not currently used by any installed, working app? I've googled enough and haven't find a solution. Maybe I just can't find the right keywords.

    For an example, I install Asphalt 7 that uses almost 2GB of space. I flash a new ROM. 2GB used by this game are still there, but not the game (launcher) itself.
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    Wipe data/factory settings in your recovery before flashing a custom ROM.
    If you want to reinstall an application with all your saved files, use an app called titanium backup.
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