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    So I'm signing up for so I can go e-whoring. Cpalead asks for a website url so that they can verify that you're a webmaster who'll actually bring them in some traffic. The thing is I have a domain but its empty right now. I need to slap something up on the domain that will look legit and will be approved by the folks at cpalead. I thought about setting up a phpbb3 forum but my host is being a pain and its not working. Also I'd rather not go through the trouble of making fake posts and such, or do you think the guys at cpalead won't look all that deeply?

    I'm going to be ewhoring with a content protection gateway to lure dudes into filling out surveys before they see my big luscious (non-nude) titties.

    What do you guys suggest I throw up there to look legit? I need something fast and easy.
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    1. Set up a Wordpress blog with the domain name you have.

    2. Install professional looking themes, search the forum and you will find plenty of them.

    3. Install any necessary plugins. (optional)

    4. Enhance your blog with good contents as well as professional looking graphics and videos. You may get all of them online for free, just do some modification.

    5. Set up About Us, Contact Us, Support, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer pages (as many as possible).

    6. If you have spare money, you may put up an opt-in page. What I did was use a free autoresponder service and slap the opt-in box code on my blog. You are not going to use the autoresponder anyway, it is just good for eyes and to make the AM feels as if you have got your own subscriber base.

    7. Use custom email addresses, such as [email protected].

    Make sure your blog topic/theme is very relevant to the CPA networks' offers. Otherwise, the AM might reject you despite having a professional website. I think that's it. Good luck!
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