Question - Results+Clicks+Backlinks or SOC?


Aug 24, 2010
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Hey! I just registered on this forum and I must say I am very inspired by the world of SEO.
After doing some reading, especially about the micro niche bussiness, I had a few questions though. Excuse me if these have been asked already.

What would be a better indicator for the competition on a certain keyword?

- Would it be better to keep to specific criteria based on the results/clicks/backlinks, say for example:

Results in quotes < 50000
Avg. click per day > 1000
Backlinks of top 10 sites < 50
Avg. CPA > $ 0.50

- Or should I rather look for the SoC value like MNF does.
For example, the following Google search:

inanchor:"keyword phrase" intitle:"keyword phrase" inurl:"keyword phrase"

Where the results of this search must be lower than 50.

- Or would it be best to check for both criteria? Or alternative criteria?

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