Question Regarding Using Multiple Domains on one hosting account

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by MattBlethen, May 9, 2009.

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    So I have an unlimited hosting package and I have about 7 domains. So for instance, my site wrestlin*gisalive. c o m can be found also here scgcinema .co*m/chris(delete "*"), Will this hurt SEO rankings? because of duplicate content. Is this ok to do?

    I want to set up many sniper sites and I don't want this potential flaw to get in the way. Answers and Solutions very much appreciated.
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    Just visited your sites. Design looks good. As far as duplicate content, that crap is spewed by the big guru's. If you only knew the stuff they did, it would blow your mind! Dont worry about the duplicate content. As long as you have good content, relevant to what your site is about, your good.

    Here is a great tip that no one seems to know. If you want to rank high with Google, find out what Google thinks about your site, and let it tell you whats related to your topic of choice.

    Go to Google and type in the search term 'Google Adword tool". Use that tool and type in your main keyword tool. For your site I used "Professional Wrestling". Now lets say that is your main keyword. What you now need to do is create related post about the same topic in a silo structure. That just means basically to create a totally separate category on whatever the sub topic is.

    For example, your home page is all about "professional wrestling". Now create a totally separate category that talks about nothing but "WWF Wrestling". Then create another totally separate topic on "wrestling shoes", etc.

    Google ranks sites high that talk about all things related to their main topic. If your entire site is one big page of 'Professional Wrestling", but you never mention anything related to that, they will give you some weight, but not as much as you really deserve.

    Also, try this. Refresh the Google Adwords tool and put your site's url in and run it through Google. See what Google thinks about your site. If your site is about professional wrestling, and Google spits back keywords related to cooking, your in trouble.

    For your first site, Google should terms like wwe wreslting, big show, smack down, survivor series, John cena, and other related terms. Looks like your on track. Hope this helps.
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