Question regarding stolen Paypal acc

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    Hey folks!
    I'm new here and I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have access to many stolen Paypal acc's, over 100acc's each month, they come all with different balance, but my dilemma is;
    How do I easiest cash out theese funds?

    I was thinking to create another Paypal acc but with fake information, and from there set up a fake purchase from that fake account to my real Paypal acc. Only problem is that my friend did this via ebay once, he screwed up someone using his fake Paypal acc, and then sending the money to his real acc but Paypal blocked both the fake acc and his real acc until the money was paid back, I've read that Paypal can only reverse a payment if the purchase came from eBay or other auction sites that has an agreement with Paypal.
    I'm just gonna go inside an account, pretending to be the owner, transfer money to the fake acc, to my real..
    The only problem here is if I do it many times Paypal might start to think why I end up with having lots of reported money everytime someone pays to my acc..

    Some other idea I have is perhaps buy virtual credits from sites where they accept Paypal, and from there "wash" the money and withdraw them from there, but I would need suggestion of where to accomplish this..

    Any other suggestions or experience is most welcomed.. For suggestions that actually do work, I'm willing to offer a certain percentage depending on how much there is on each acc.
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    wait for ban hammer