Question regarding Keyword containing a number and its KW density

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    Nov 29, 2014
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    I have a website in which i am targeting 2 keywords on 2 diff pages.

    Lets assume one keyword being - spiderman movie and second keyword being spiderman 2 movie

    Now, My spiderman 2 movie page is ranking well at #10 without much link building but the other page isnt ranking and the spider man 2 movie page is ranking for "Spiderman movie" at #50

    When I check for keyword density on tools it says keyword "spiderman 2 movie" is 0% and instead it counts "spiderman movie" in density tools..

    Now, I'm confused if google is also ranking "spiderman movie" because it doesnt count the "2'' ?

    I will be building more links to "spiderman movie" with some exact match anchors and see how it goes.

    Anyone else had such experience? How did you rank when this happened?
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    Nov 10, 2015
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    I can tell you what I would try in such a situation. I would think that google thinks my spiderman 2 page is somehow more relevant for the term spiderman movie than the actual page dedicated to it. So, based on that, I woul add more highly relevant text to the spiderman movie page. Anything that is specifically related to that movie. For example the names of the actors only showing in the first movie but not on the sequel. Also I would check what other keyword/LSI are only relevant for first movie and expand the text by using them. Some exact anchors like you suggested I would also try, but also some of those uniquely relevant lsi keywords also as anchors. Please note, I never done this, but this is what I would try to make each page relevant to only targeted keyword.
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