Question regarding best way to implement my PBN based on unusual observation of my rival

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    Hi all,

    I have a question requiring your opinions. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and even more if you can provide the required insight.

    Firstly, I have an e-commerce site I am starting that sells to the final customer.

    After reading of the power of PBN, I decided tentatively (and as a result of many quite enjoyable hours reading the forums here)to make one, so over the past 4 months or so I have been buying up expired domains (between DA/PA 20-45), with domain names relative to my market or with credible reasoning for a blog writer or such. I now have 35 of these (hosted separately etc.), and shall install different WordPress themes on each (at time of writing have done this on 10 domains so far). The content shall always be relevant, high quality and unique, I have a large bank of content to begin with and can create more in-house.

    Today whilst checking my main competitor (they are number 1 on my 3 most valuable keywords) I noticed that 300 of their 2100 total backlinks came from a magazine type blog (DA30). The blog is of similar quality to the content I have. I have looked up the whois on the domain and see it is owned by an SEO consultant I assume they hired on perhaps a one off basis.

    I was under the impression that such heavy linking to one site was not beneficial, and in fact may well be penalized so therefore I have the following questions and your opinion to ask....

    1) Is the first backlink posted from such a relevant blog more valuable than the 200th for example? If so to what degree?

    2) Should I:

    a) develop each of the 35 domains, spreading my content relatively evenly on each to the point where I make the backlink, and then move on and develop the next blog.
    If so, what is the maximum beneficial links to come from each, considering it high quality unique relative content?


    b) Concentrate on my best 5, and focus the content onto them and then backlink more heavily from just these 5. (as they appear to have done with the 300 links from one blog, but times 5)

    nb.Not sure if relevant, but we don't operate in the English language market place. If this perhaps effects the scrutiny google place on it.

    Thank you for reading this far and any response would be appreciated.