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question please help

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Jano Vaness, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Jano Vaness

    Jano Vaness Junior Member

    May 20, 2008
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    Hey guys

    Im gonna buy a VPS for 41$/month

    Mostly because im tired of buying a new shared hostgator account for every diffrent site I own.

    * Intel Dual Xeon Harpertown
    * 384MB Guaranteed SLM RAM
    * 40GB RAID-10 Disk Space
    * 600GB Bandwidth
    * 4 Dedicated IPs
    * cPanel / WHM
    * Virtuozzo 4 with Power Panel
    * Fantastico, RVSkin, WHMCS Available
    * Starting at: $44/month

    im getting it from www.wired*tree.c0m

    How many domains can I host on this? Can I use the feature in cpanel to put more domains ? Can you host unlimited domains or only one ?
  2. BozoClown

    BozoClown Junior Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    You should ask before you buy. But mostly likely you will be able to host unlimited domains.
  3. scb335

    scb335 BANNED BANNED

    Mar 5, 2008
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    Jano, with a VPS you can run as many domains/sites as your resources have room for.

    You've got 40 GB of disk space, if you build a massive site that takes up 38 GB with media files then you're not going to get much more on there... but if you build 200 small niche mini-sites they'll probably all fit with lots of room to spare.

    The same logic applies to your bandwidth. If you have one site that is a bandwidth hog then you'll have trouble adding lots of sites, but if your sites aren't massive and media filled that 600GB should be plenty for a lot of sites.

    And also to your resources (CPU, RAM, nodes...). If you're running a lot of intensive scripts from the VPS that will lessen how many you can have running, but for normal sites/blogs your processors are probably fine, my only concern would be the level of RAM in that plan, what's the allocated RAM? SLM is burst, meaning how much you can pull above your allocated RAM cap at any time but there should also be a certain amount assigned to your VPS. If it's over 1GB you're probably good to go for most things, under a Gig and you could notice slow processing and delivery on your sites.

    Really, there's no way to know how much you can fit on any server, VPS or dedicated, without knowing the resource needs of each site you'll be adding. But like I said, as long as your sites aren't resource hogs you could fit a ton on there, the more resources any of them need the fewer you're going to be able to host.

    Hope that helps