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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by instantk, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I have a brick and mortar business with a national website. I set up independent dealers of our product in various cities. I have been setting up wp websites for those dealers with very good local success (between position 1 and 3 for different local kw's)

    I want to start building some wp websites for cities I do not have Dealers in.

    Can I redirect the local domain to my main page and then remove the redirect once I set up a local dealer?

    I will begin building local backlinks to the local domain and allow them to pass through to the national page; but I want the backlinks to revert back to the local page when I make it live.

    Any recommendations as the best way to do this?

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    I don't think the links will revert to the blog once you nix the redirect. In theory they should flow to your main site for which google will consider them to be most likely permanent to the mains site.

    I don't think google updates backlinks very often as i've seen sites that i've had where the backlinks were no longer in existence but google was still counting them as being live.

    Unless google counts the links a 2nd time after the redirect is canceled i think the links will be indefinitely attributed to the main site....I could be wrong, it's worth experimenting with.
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    As far as the backlinks go, my advice would be to setup a 301 buffer page on your mainsite and use that as your link juice faucet. For example: <== build links to here and set it to 301 to
    Once you have set up a local dealer, change the 301 on that buffer page to your local site.

    Now for the redirect of visitors from local to main... Personally, I would not setup a 301 for the

    Instead set up a script that redirects the actual visitors, but not Google. This will allow your local site to be crawled by Google and age like fine wine while you set up your local dealers. Once the dealer is setup you can just nix the script. Edit: (Google could consider this to be "cloaking", so you do run a small risk if you take this route.)
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