Question on Potential G Myths, Link Velocity, and the REAL SEO

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bluehorseshoe, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Long story short, I feel like a sucker for having listened to white hats for so long. "Only link from sites within your niche", "Content is King", "You need to keep your site updated", etc. I stopped this stuff about a year ago but I still need to think much further outside the box which is why I'm drawn to blackhat.

    I've been experimenting on my sites lately because I'm tired of moving at a snails pace. I only make about $35 a day and I have a ton of sites. I invested a lot of money into having Philippine outsources build links and write articles and that's only so-so worked out.

    That's my background.

    I wanted to apply to you guys to see if you have any BH basics to steer me in the right direction.

    One specific question I had is how many blogroll links can I build up per day effectively? I have many sites spread over 5 ips and I'm trying to build a lot of my sites up that way. I've read that G's link velocity algo can slow you down if you build too many links too fast. Does anybody have a feel for it's threshold?

    Any Blackhat info and/or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

    What's killing me is I know there is an easier/faster way of making money on IM but I'm still not there.

    Just as an advance thank you to anyone who can help, if you don't already know a method, here is how I got a site indexed within 12 hours about 1 week ago. (Not sure which part played the biggest role but I just tried different stuff until it worked).

    - bookmarked using delicious
    - posted blog with link on blog that instantly indexes
    - stumbled the blog post
    - faved it on faves
    - added to digg links
    - yahoo answers link
    - dugg the yahoo answers
    - stumbled yahoo answers
    - posted blog comment
    - submit to feedping with url and feed
    - Adsense added
    - published hub with link
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    I hear ya man. I know the pain. I lost $10,000 paying indians to rank my site and it's still in the dark depths of nowhere. I since gave up on that though they assure me they 'are still working on it sir'.

    Pat yourself on the back though, you are making money. $35 is not much for some but it is a lot for me. I make $1 a day on average, though I am still in the process of learning, harvesting and site building. I soon plan to unleash the bomb.

    As far as link velocity and all the horsecr*p white hatters say to stop spammers going for the win, just leave it all behind. There is a lot of truth in relevancy but so what, are you just not going to get links just because they are not relevant? That's just like a slightly above average girl lying on the bed and begging you to kiss her, are you going to turn away and say "NO. YOU ARE NOT SUPER HOT THEREFORE I CANNOT. I AM WAITING FOR... FOR... THE ONE!!!" And then you start crying?! Is THAT the person you really want to be?!

    I can't take credit for this as someone else said it, though I can't remember who. Either you f*k Google in the anus or it will f*k you. There is no in between. So far, I have been royally f*ked by Google, and gangraped by a bunch of indians (sir) to the tune of $10,000. Every day that I live a peasant as I scrape, scrape, scrape, build more site, build more site, scrape, scrape, scrape, spin, translate, spin, translate, translate, spin, read, read, plan, plan, plot , plot, -- every day I sit in front of this computer in a neverending quest, I am spurred on by this anger, this intense rage, this sharp, bitter fury to make it a success. As far as I am concerned, being whitehat is like being a pretty little white daddy's girl (18+) wandering astray down a back alley in the South Bronx. You are asking to get raped.
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    I read somewhere that Internet Marketers are sociopaths. I wonder why. The best tip I can give is to start investing in your own network of sites for generating backlinks as you go. Over time you will only have to really worry about generating links to your network. Nothing like being able to give yourself an authority backlink.