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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by super11, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I need some advice over here. I have started a blog on blogspot. The niche is health and fitness. Actually, I looking at this blog as a long term source of income via Adsense. My plan is to add hundreds of original posts every month and in a year or two, the blog will have thousands of posts.

    My last try was a failure because g-o-o-gle just marked by blog as spam and has yet not restored it, despite few disputes. It's been almost two months now. Anyways, I have decided to move on and forget about that blog. I have started working on my new blog. I have filled with it adequate contents(all original) and now I am planing to get a domain and hosting for it before g-o-o-gle comes up with something weird again. This is where I need some serious advice.

    Since I am looking at this blog as a lifelong source of income, which hosting and domain service should I choose? This would be my first ever investment on domain/hosting so I got really no clue.

    Which plan do you recommend so that I don't experience problems in the future? I have heard people complaining about site crash, and domain/hosting company turning hostile due to increase in traffic and so on.. so I am looking for a good plan to avoid such issues. Also, I am thinking of a year long plan on both domain and hosting and then I will reinvest after a year, hoping that my knowledge about these techie stuff would increase by then. Also, will you able to provide me an approximate cost-estimate?

    Your advice on these questions would be appreciated along with any other applicable additional tips :) Thanks in advance.
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    firstly, smart move getting away from free literally have no control over your site when its on someone elses service.

    Anyway, just grab your domain through for vouchers and you can likely get the domain for around $6.95 or less...then you will need some hosting to put it on. There are some really cheap options around like godaddy/hostgator but im sure everyone has some good suggestions on hosts.