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    Hi Guys,

    I have never bought any domains from goDaddy auctions before, so i was just going to test the process, using the scrape box TDNAM scraper i got back a few results, one was 6 years old in age, when i clicked to buy it godaddy tries to charge Go Daddy Auctions Expired Domain Purchase $11 plus .COM Domain Name Renewal - 1 Year*

    Is the above prices right enough? we pay for the domain twice effectively? not a big deal just incase godaddy was trying to pull a fast on one me LOL

    When i look up the whois of the 6 year old domain i see:

    Registrar History:
    1 registrar

    NS History:
    18 changes on 11 unique name servers over 6 years.

    IP History:
    27 changes on 15 unique IP addresses over 6 years.

    Whois History:
    37 records have been archived since 2007-10-21 .

    Reverse IP:
    2,428,909 other sites hosted on this server.

    So if i bought this domain would i still keep the 6 year age? or would it reset me to the date of purchase?

    cheers for nay help guys

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    Hi Graham,

    GD are the snake oil salesmen of domain registration. When you buy a domain, they'll try to upsell you a zillion other things that you never want or need.

    You're paying the domain auction fee and 1 years domain registration. The fees seem like standard GD prices. Personally, if I bought at a GD auction, I'd transfer to something like namecheap (I think you need to wait around 90 days); you can get free WhoIs privacy for 1st year and they'll transfer over the remaining period of domain registration. So if you have about 3 months with GD, and transfer to namecheap, they will give you a year and 9 months (if you transfer and register for a year).

    If a site has been built on the domain; 1 or more pages that have been indexed for 6 years and the domain has had no drops, then it's likely to retain it's age.
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    Just give you some advice.

    If you bid, you had better to pay for it in short time, because if you forget to pay the domains that you won, your auction account may got suspended, and you will have to pay $10 per domain that you didn't pay in time.