Question: Most up to date info on Youtube Partnerships for gaming

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by So_mein, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I'm gonna get straight to the point.

    I'm currently getting ready to leave TGN due to the fact that they're a horrible horrible company. I'm trying to find another, better network to join and I have a few questions about different companies on stuff I can't find anywhere or it's old and out of date.

    Machinima - I hear that they've become easier to join, but they own all of your content forever. Is this true?

    IGN - I hear they pay the highest CPM but I haven't been able to find anyway to contact them or find their requirements. Do any of you know?

    TGS - Haven't been able to find their requirements either.

    Yeousch - I got in contact with a couple of their reqruiters and they basically said I could partner as soon as I am released from TGN. Does anyone have expereince with them and/or know thier CPM?

    Here's a few of my channel's stats
    1.Around 1200 subscribers
    2.Close to 90k video views
    3.180+ videos (lets play style channel)
    4.High quality content. Everything is HD, all audio is crisp and clear. Detailed overlays and high quality updated background.

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    You aren't worth much to anyone right now. The best bet is to just work on getting popular on sites like Newgrounds, facebook, youtube, etc. How? You got BHW to help you, check out Google Alerts for youtube and see what type of news is going out about it. Then go backtrack the major youtube stars and see where they have accounts and fans sharing for them. Finally, you will need to outrank some videos on popular niches, so you will need a way to find very long view lengths. I can't openly suggest how to go about promoting a LP for YouTube since I am still experiementing but the name Egoraptor "style" comes to mind...
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    Hey so these are all good options. The best advice is to reach out to them and ask. Do you need help finding the links?

    Also, have you thought about RPM? They're for smaller channels so you're more likely to get in but you'll get less direct attention until you're a little bigger.