[QUESTION] Image Hosting Or Search Engine site? which one

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by armyboy112, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Im not really sure where i should put this so ill put this here, seeing as how there are some question forums on here..

    Alright maybe someone can clear some stuff up for me. I would like to either make a Image hosting site (i know theres alot of them out there but im sure i can make up something creative to be a good one) or a search engine.. Now i know there are alot of them out there but its all in the creativity that sets them apart..but anyways i would like to make revenue from either of these site...but i just cant figure out which one i should go with..i found a site where im thinking about buying hosting from..it gives you 90Gbs and unlimited bandwith plus all the PHP CGI SSL and all that other stuff you need.

    So please someone answer my question, which one would YOU think would make the most revenue from the two. Maybe placing some adds, buying crap traffic.. etc etc.. i know how to market it..just unsure of which to choose..

    please get back to me.
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    personally speaking image hosting site is easy to earn from the forum technique.though if you have a large budget then go for search engine.