[QUESTION] How to make money with steady jobs ? Target: $400-500/month


Apr 28, 2014
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Hi Guys.
Excuse me if you find incoherent sentences (my English is very bad, ;P ).

Currently i have no job, and I need money for my family and pay basic bills (electricity, water, telephone, etc..).

In my mind i have creative projects (webcomic, stories, character design, OS design..) but in this situation it is very difficult i think about this.

So i would like to find some micro-jobs fixed , let me add that earnings based on my effort. my goal would be around a $400/500 per month (i live in Europe and use ?. that's the equivalent in dollars).

I tested options like Fiverr, but there is a lot of competition and you need to use Marketing. honestly, i do not feel strong enough to compete. now i have too much stress for this.

What i will do:
- Photoshop (not professional, but very advanced)
- Write stories and articles
- Draw and design characters (it is wrong to say but I think i'm good at this)
- Advanced knowledge of video games, emulators, retro games, etc. ..

I would like to tell me some idea as we really need it.
Thanks very much for reading this guys. ;)
I'm no expert here, but writing articles can definitely make you money. People pay $5/500 words for articles written by someone with English as a second language and it shows. NatashaNixon is praised here and the article i got had typos and incorrect grammar and just looked like spun content.
Thanks for your help. ;)
Unfortunately, my English level is very low, and could not do that.
My brother knows English, but is studying and can not help me on this.
You should give fiverr a go, you never know if you dont try
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