Question: How to generate targeted PPC/PPV keyword sets for 100s of niches at once???

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    Ok, I am in the fortunate position of having a large pool of general internet users to market to that doesn't cost me anything. Think something like a PPV network just as an example.


    I can market to them based on keywords. I do NOT need to optimize for only "buying" keywords. I WANT the ad to show even for associated keywords such that I can load a list of thousands of keywords per niche. Again, I'm not really "bidding" on these keywords so having only a highly optimized set of keywords is not the goal....mass exposure of the offer to somewhat related searches is the goal.

    i.e. I load a keyword set for a campaign and any time the keyword comes up from the user's activity online it shows them the associated ad for that keyword.


    The users are untargeted. Who knows what they will be googling online. Could be anything. As such, I need to load ads for 100s of campaigns for 100s of niches. Kinda like a shotgun approach. If I have 100 niches covered I have 100 times the chance that a given internet user will search for that niche/keyword.


    What is the most efficient way to create what would essentially be a large targeted PPC/PPV keyword list of 100s-1000s of keywords for say 100s of niches????

    Doing each niche/subniche 1-by-1 would be painstaking. Keyword research tools typically only will target in on a single given niche.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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