Question How Can i add My Blog to Google Trends


Jul 26, 2009
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Hey BHW Members,

Need some help on getting my content to google trends i see a bunch of blogs there,I have been searching for an answer and no luck yet

Can any one from here help me out uploading it or some tips? :D
You should blog about every popular event that is going to happen or has just happened and think about the next sequence of events that is going to compliment that event. In MJ's death you might have noticed there were questions that needed answers. For example his post mortem report,his scond post moetem report,MJ's kids and their future etc.All these keywords were marked and lsited in google trends.

In a nut shell, you must keep a close eye on current news,deaths of celebrities and weird acts of celebrities,latest economic plans introduced by USA government etc. and then blog about those events targeting the main keyword that is associated with that event. I am sure you will get listed in google trends.
oh ok i see now,I thought i had to upload such a blog like a video.Thanks mate i guess blog about whats hot and google will index to there google trends list right?
One more tip to get indexed fast by google is to tag your each blog post with multiple relevant tags and then submit each tag page to all popular social bookmarking sites and ping each tag page separately. Moreover submit your blog feeds to popular RSS directories and you will see google spiders coming to your website like bees go to honey.
Take a look at whats happening in the front pages of Digg.

Its a good way to judge popular trends.
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