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    Jan 21, 2015
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    Hi all. I am contemplating using webmoney - and in particular, the webmoney click and pay widget.

    However, I'm not at all up to speed on precisely how webmoney works. A few questions which I'm hoping other members will be able to help me with;

    - If I accept micr
    opayments - paid with visa/mastercard via that widget and set to WMe, what is the commission fee - lets say if the purchase amount needs to be ?10? It's not clear from their website. I can see withdrawal commission charges but not charges at the front end. Does anyone know?

    - If I understand it c
    orrectly, there is an option to withdraw via webmoney themselves or through a third party exchange service. If I withdraw via webmoney using wire transfer - can I withdraw WMe to a euro account (in a country that doesn't have euro as it's main currency generally - in this case, Ukraine)?

    Thanks in advance f
    or any help you can provide with these queries.