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    I just finish talking to who I assume is the owner of the site, "fabioanfy" I read the instructions on the site and had some questions so I decided to contact him and ask. I doubt the $80 payout for pps sales.The instructions are pretty straight forward but everything is based on a system of how many minutes the user purchases. Anyone care to break down this system for me? Someone who deals with tubecamgirl.The only thing the "owner" could offer was telling to read the instructions over and over,even copy and pasting directly from the site and telling me he does not want Filipino chat traffic, even though I made no mention of such things.
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    convert trash traffic into cash
    I promote tubecamgirl from long time, but I do not talked them yet :)
    The instruction page is long like a book, not quick to read, because many details, also about they do not pay fake signups, and seems you should tell them if you are filipino lol.
    I think you confuse PPS with CPA, this is different links you can produce, you must chose what link campaign mode, is not one only.
    The PPS is not based on minutes purchased, it give $80 if anyone buy, however it pay you nothing for free signups. The CPA pay for free signups, and nothing for pay users.
    The PPS I never used myself, because you know, most people are free users :)