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    To start with, I’m feeling a bit down today and I realize that asking this question is akin to asking others what your strengths and weaknesses are. Hard to answer if you’re not familiar or intimate with the person asking the question.

    Still, it’s not a rhetorical question, but rather an epistemic one about why people may delude themselfs in a manner that stifles their progress and eventually leads them to finding themselves in a downwards spiral where almost nothing seems to make sense anymore and all they are left with is a feeling of apathy.

    The other question that comes to mind is; how does one know for sure that one is not biased? Meaning that you might believe that you really ‘know’ yourself, but then follows the question; how come that you’re not able to progress?

    Anger seems to be one of the answers, we’ve all read that somewhere, but at the same time this implies a feeling of injustice, which is always external, unless I’m completely wrong about this one.

    But if anger is an answer, the question remains on how to channel that anger in such a way that it doesn’t consume said person in question nor his or her surrounding.

    Not willing to make this post absolutely longer then necessary, but I believe that my biggest question involves finding the answer to the question; how does one abstract his or her own ‘skillset’ in such a way that it doesn’t involve or account for the signals and (underlying) motives of the outside world. If this is even possible...

    Any input is more than appreciated!
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    People learn at different speeds, some are willing to be a sheep others are happy to be a leader.
    That said, the leader isn't always right, so the sheep follow and it's the blind leading the blind.

    If you have the conviction that what you think / know is correct, never be afraid to venture off on your own.

    I'v sen designers put together ( in their words ) a great design mock up. I have looked and thought, damn a 5 month old child do do better.
    Writers are the same, deliver an excellent piece and I discover it's average at best. Because they have had plenty people tell them how good they are, they get to belive all they touch is going to be good - It's not !

    Maybe @Festinger might pop by and give an answer.

    Hey, we all get days like this - don't let it grind you down though..
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    I am in that situation very often.

    When I lose a bet, I feel crushed.

    When that happens 2 in a row. I feel like the world around me falling apart, like a tower of cards collapsing. I can see it with my peripheral vision.

    Then the next day I am up again winning my next bets. All back to normal.

    Temporary stuff, also taking life not too seriously and viewing it at a scale of universe helps a bit to overcome the situation.
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    The defeatist thoughts that resides within your conscious mind are nothing more than a reflection of your current well being. For a healthy productive mindset you might have become aware that one has to constantly fight the inner demons. Those same demons poison our minds with all the fear based negative thoughts that force us to make decisions we would otherwise not make. I believe one should not be hampered in achieving one's goals simply by the dearth of one's positive reinforcement experience. We all experience negative thoughts from time to time, and it's one's responsibility to over come them and say: "Just Fucking Do It".
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