[Question] Dropshipping from Aliexpress to USA/UK/CA ¿Avoid High Taxes?

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    Hi everyone

    I am beginning in this business model... I have a lot question...

    First of all. I am not USA resident, I'm a Mexican trying to do dropshiping from aliexpress to USA/UK/CA customers. I'am very confusing about my legal constitution.

    If I make sales for USA/UK or CANADA customers ¿In which country I must pay my taxes?
    ¿Can I take an advantage of the virtual location? for example, Shopify ask for your location store, ¿Which country I must pull on there for get some advantages?

    The business of the dropshiping model does not have a really location... only the physical person that import products to the store exists, but we can change this information for our convenience if we have some people of trust living in other countries.

    So, for example... My real location is Mexico (obviously I want get my money in my country) but, ¿Really is a good idea say my virtual store is in Mexico?

    ¿Why not choose USA location? for USA residents you will have chance to choice "shopify payments" that means you will pay a low commission rate. ¿Can you understand my point?
    ¿What there About the Taxes? (I'm in Mexico) and like I said before I want get my money in my country... but ¿It's a good idea say that my store is there? And if it's better say that my store is in a different location, ¿Can this is create a significative difference for avoid pay taxes? or maybe pay the lowest?

    ¿Could be not better get the money in a different country for after send to your really location?

    Thats is my vision point... ¿Can someone give me a better vision of this?

    If you are trying get the most possible profitable earnings of your store, what will the best way for get your money?