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[QUESTION | DISCUSSION] How to make you Pin searchable on PINTEREST?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by buzz1111, May 23, 2014.

  1. buzz1111

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    Mar 17, 2014
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    Hi all, I am fairly new to BHW as well as IM. Nice to meet you all.

    Recently I am looking into building some traffic from Pinterest. I was digging hard on the posts on BHW so I have already gain some ideas what to do next. (Thanks to all the different methods and experience shared by members here).

    The account I want to build is actually registered while ago as part of my social network, not really for a marketing purpose until now. Hence, I wasn't really worried / focused on whether I was having traffic, click, impression before (Yes, I know I have some repins, like and comments which indicate other people can see what I have pinned)

    So now, I want to use Pinterest to drive traffic. BUT the more I look into, the more I am confused.

    Here are my questions and hope some of you can help me out. These might sound noob but I want to understand of this platform clearly. Or perhaps these can help other people out with the same concern when starting out. Thanks in advance =)

    - How does the SEARCH work ? What determine the search result? the Type search and the Category search.

    [For typed search] I'm guessing it should be the relevancy of the description and tag of the pin? But somehow I don't really see the keyword that I searched in most of the pins' description.
    [ For Category search] I am guessing the latest pin or repin comes to the top? But I can see some pins are like an year ago while some are few minutes or days etc... also, I tried to repin someone' pin, the original pin doesn't go up top...so I could be wrong here.

    - What is the factor to determine that the order of pins?
    I can see they have different variable (ie. from diffrerent date, number or repins, likes, etc)

    - MOST IMPORTNAT* How to make your PIN search-able on Pinterest??????

    I tried to do 2 pins for testing, 1 from yesterday and 1 from the day before. Base on the assumption above, I typed my Pin's description on the search box but there is no search result. However, I copy the whole description of my older pins which are few weeks old, they do show up. But only when I am searching the WHOLE description. I understand there is way too many similar pins and will push mine further back and no one would search the whole title as I do, but its OKay as they are at least viewable by the public. WHY NOT THE NEW PINs THO?

    As for the category search, I clicked it as soon as I uploaded the pin. Nothing show up as expected. For example, I uploaded a pin in the a women fashion board and I clicked women fashion category to check it out.

    I know its not a easy task to popular page but wellz, at least I know my pin is search-able when it is posted.


    I created a new account to test it out too. In a different niche. But I still experience the same. Say account A cant search B and vice versa.

    Thank you very much !!!:):):)
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