Question - Building continuous links to 100K+ pages on money site

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    I would like to get a new site (1 week old) indexed as quickly and thoroughly as possible. It has 100K+ inner pages (3K pages indexed) and I think it will grow to close to 1 million pages within a week or two.

    The way I'd prefer to do this is to build links to the inner pages... I would like to set up some method (or use some software) that will continuously build links to my inner pages. Since these backlinks are to many money site, I don't want to use spammy links, like xrumer or SB blasts. I would also like to specify the anchor text for my backlinks.

    Any suggestions?

    I am considering the following, but would prefer better methods --
    - Submitting URLs into indexing services (e.g. NLI or BLI). However, this doesn't allow me to specify the target keywords and I'm skeptical about how these links would affect a new domain.
    - Pinging the URLs. I'm just not sure how effective this is.

    I do not want to build links to the homepage.

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