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    Hello boys and girls.:eek:
    I have one question about what i wanna do in this next days.

    Well...i am pretty much new in this IM affiliate and

    Like i wrote before in past post few days ago...i made some money promoting/selling stuff from CB as affiliate...
    So i used social media and youlike hits to promote product.

    What i want to do now is setting my own website and try to sell as affiliate from there.
    So what im asking here is... if i want to start that what i have to do? obviously i know i need hosting and domain , but...what i know so far is..
    2.Product i want to promote (Affiliate)
    3.Website with landing page.
    So if im not wrong... that should be it, or?

    So basicly my idea have simple website with landing page and then forward visitors who want to buy product to original product website, with my CB affiliate code.

    Also i know i need tons of targeted traffic and stuff like that..but basic stuff for this type of business is this what i wrote, or there is something else i should know? please any tip would be awesome. Im new in this and i wanna learn all this as soon as possible.:smokin:

    Thank you so much guys!:high5:

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