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Jan 4, 2021
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I had changed the title and date of all the posts of my site which got 22 posts. But google wasn't showing the updated title, date in serp since 15 days +
Added images to every content updated dates of all content again

But I was still facing the same issue.

5 Days Back I submitted my homepage to this tool and selected the second option "Remove All URLs With This Prefix"

Right after 4 hours after submitting, All of my Snippet (Date, Description, ratings) have been disappeared from google, Only Tittle is showing (The same 1 month old version title). And it is like that since 4 days. My traffic has also dropped.

From what I understood by reading inside the clear cache tool. Is that they will recrawl and fetch everything. But Seems like I was wrong. Correct me in the comments please!
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