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    I recently learned about Transferwise here, and I would like to try it, mainly for bank to bank transfers like paying for eBay items where the seller doesn't offer Paypal. Western Union is expensive, for instance I need to send about $130 abroad (to the US) and they are charging me $20 for this. So I was wondering if this service would be suitable for me or not, considering my above described needs.
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    I use it a lot but I do not use it to pay for eBay stuff or anything like that. I use it mainly to pay others in other countries and it is much cheaper than PP, wire transfer from bank to bank or even WU and MG.

    One other option you may want to look at for some of your ebay purchases is Facebook as they allow money transfers Debit card to Debit card and that may be an alternative to the PP hassles.
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