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    I had a couple quick questions I was hoping someone could help me out

    1- For tier 1 websites is it a big difference to buy a domain name, host the website vs just having a blog that is hosted on, ?

    2- If thats the case is it a good idea to use different registar information for the websites?

    3- With tier 1 websites , do they have to be constantly updated?

    4- Is there a limit to how much content you put on a tier1 website before you stop updating it?
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    1. You don't have to register a new domain for tier 1 links. You can either use parasite pages from web 2.0 sites and document sharing sites, PBN posts, guest posts, or use a combination of all three.

    2. Your second question has been nullified by my response above.

    3. It's optional. With web 2.0s, updating them reduces their deletion rate.

    4. No limit. In most cases, 3 or 4 articles would be enough, however.
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