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Sep 10, 2009
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Hi all,

I own a page for a generic term on Facebook i.e. Kissing, Money ect ect which has around 100,000 fans...The page gets huge user use and has like 10,000 fan photos!!! every time you post a message it generates big reactions.

One specific user has emailed me a few times regarding a sale...Their last offer was $2500...

What would you say is a decent price for this page?

Also I have only sold 1 page in the past, and I know things have changed what is the best way to sell a FB page in today's market with out getting burnt!! Paypal? Escrow? and how to transfer them??
If someone is offering you $2,500 for a ~100,000 member fan page, SELL IT.

If the buyer is trustworthy/reputable, you can do it through PayPal, but Escrow is always a safe alternative.
This isnt some spammy crap page about a quote or something thats easy to generate 10000s of fans but its a Generic Term page, its hard to drive fans to these types of pages and this one would be good for businesses...
$2500 is way too cheap for 100k highly targeted fans. It's acceptable if your page is not "marketive", something like public figure (artists, athletes, etc). But if it's highly targeted I always believe 1 fan equal to $1.
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