Question about paypal accts outside the U.S. do they have equivalent of SSN?


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Nov 2, 2009
I am wondering if anyone from other countries can help me with some info... on paypal in the U.S. to get an ATM card / debit card that you can use to withdraw money, or buy stuff online, they have this stupid law here that the government set up to spy on people where you have to give your Social security number to get this, which is like a tag that everyone has here that is their "number" that the govt uses to track them... there is an alternative to this but it involves setting up a business which is a bit of a hassle...

I'm wondering if in your country, do they, first of all, offer an option to get a debit card that can be used for online purchases, and if so, do they ask for a social security card number, or something equivalent to this?
I'm from the Philippines. We don't need to supply SSN here to be paypal verified. We don't even get taxed from our online income.
Here in Germany we don't have a SSN (due to privacy reasons, btw ;)) but rather different ID numbers for different purposes. As those numbers don't act as a "tracking code" like in the US, we don't need to provide it when opening any kind of bank account, or a PayPal account for that matter.

And no, PayPal doesn't provide debit cards to us Germans, yet. Maybe they will in the future, I've heard of discussions regarding that issue.
thanks for the info, seems that they don't offer the debit card to most places outside the US, anyways I think I might get a few offshore paypal accts
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