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Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by CjTheFish, Sep 10, 2016.

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    My website domain and hosting is up for expiration in October, and I'm using this as a opportunity to leave GoDaddy and move the site offshore.
    I'm looking at using the host shinjiru, and my question is as follows-

    Lets say I purchase hosting with this company, and transfer all of my site files/databases etc to the new host, but I leave my domain registered with GoDaddy and renew it there.

    Will my site fall under US jurisdiction for things like copyright infringement if the files are hosted in Hong Kong but the domain is registered in the US?

    A little bit about the site- It's an adult wordpress blog averaging around 3-5k uniques per day, For the majority of its content it is embeded porn hub videos however there is a very high ranking gallery page for a pornstar which has GIFs in it that I do not own the rights to. If I lost this page ranking I'd loose about 90 percent of my traffic so along with being cheaper moving it offshore, it seems the safest bet for me if I were to be hit with a take down notice for it the content on that page.

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    Your website does not fall under US jurisdiction, but your domain does. If a takedown notice would be sent to Godaddy regarding your domain, it's possible that Godaddy will comply and you will see your domain suspended. The chances of this happening are slim, though. You don't see it happening with adult websites so much. I've heard and seen domain suspensions happening with torrent sites, phishing sites, pharma sites and hacking sites.