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Question About Offline Marketing Paired with Affiliate Website

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by JohnathanQuincy, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. JohnathanQuincy

    JohnathanQuincy Registered Member

    Nov 5, 2014
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    I'm working on branching out with a website that does Amazon Affiliate sales to a particular market. I've started growing a fan base on social media for this particular site before it's even up, but I'm looking to increase visitors and customers in any way I possibly can, and was trying to think of some offline marketing options to bring in others to the site that I haven't/can't reach through social media. My approach (I guess most people) has always been to work with as little overhead and investment as possible, so that even a small return is ultimately something positive.

    My thought was something like using Vistaprint for getting business cards/post cards with the name, site, QR code, and maybe something like "Check the prices at xxx.com while you shop!" (free 250 cards and $8 shipping). Either that or getting stickers printed that simply have the website name and a QR code, or just a QR code ($20 for 250 black and white stickers here at a local company I've worked with, could get 4 QR codes on a single sticker and then cut into 4s).

    It's a small investment, but the thought was to do one of or a few things:

    Post cards on bulletin boards in the entry of the brick and mortar stores in this niche
    Post QR codes "professionally" at the shelves of these products (in the runners, where the price tags go)
    Put the cards/stickers the packaging of certain products that are recurring purchases, to target those who clearly have a need for said product

    Has anyone given these types of things a try? I'd love to know what sort of success this comes with, or if ultimately the time spent driving around for a day to distribute these flyers and all is not worth the investment. I also recognize there is possibly some small risk with getting caught trying to put the cards in the packaging, but I don't see too much harm in that to think it would be a big issue.

    I'd love the feedback! Thanks!

    TL;DR - Posting Flyers and Business Cards strategically in physical stores or on products to drive business to your related niche amazon affiliate site. Have you tried it, what do you think if not?