Question about getting good links from Malaysian and Indonesian websites?

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by DenysK, May 16, 2016.

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    Hello everyone. I want to raise a subject of getting links from Southeast Asia websites (authoritative).

    Common situation: you have an english-based website and english-speakingteam (US, EU), you develop and start expanding, adding more languages (via translators-freelancers) and target markets (including malaysian and indonesian markets), and you also start gaining traffic from them.

    But then you have to face a rather big problem: with your traffic becoming more and more geographically differentiated, your link profile at the same time consists of links from mainly english-based (europe-based) websites. You're either not getting links from otherregions at all, or you're not getting them enough. Finally, your linkprofile are starting to look unnatural and unbalanced.

    So, what strategies of acquiring good links from southeast asia region do you guys now (in a situation when you don't have a native speaker in your state)? Some tips or/and advices?
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    heres the tips.
    im from indonesian

    pbn targeted

    1. buy domain hosting indonesia ip address . and setup target country on google webmaster.
    2. you can buy article indonesia from indonesia writers (pick some niche)

    social media.
    1. go to google trend indonesia
    2. facebook instagram , post some trend.