Question about EPN sold here on BHW.


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Oct 18, 2008
Hello All,

As i was rejected on the EPN. Now thinking to buy an EPN from here but have some questions.

If I buy a US EPN then can I change the profile information.
Can the payment and address information be changed to some other Country.
can can the payment name (in case of check) be changed ...

Many Thanks.

Yes you can, but do it slowly, for example change the payment information just before the payout dates. It'll look odd to them if an account that has never been used before, suddenly changes all the information and becomes (overly) active.
EPN dont pay by check...only paypal or bank transfer...and your bank account has to be in same country as your adress u cant buy a US/UK account and hope u will get paid in your bank account in pakistan.....if you have paypal account and u really wanna get into ebay is another option but they dont let new ppl in any more so u have to buy an account :(

3rd option is to try get a account...they still have ebay affliate program on their network but theu take ages to approve you unless u call the shit out of them on daily basis :)
Since you aren't making money with EPN yet, it might be a good idea to buy a couple now (unless you make them), and slowly work them to look it more natural. Just focus on something else in the meantime. That may be overkill though, I'm not sure.
my understanding is that the pepperjam EPN program as well as the shoppingads EPN program are still subject to e Bay approval process. it appears to me that when it comes to e bay programs, shoppingads and pepperjam really are Not totally independent and in control when it comes to approving new affiliates, i speak under correction here but i am pretty sure that if EPN rejected you, then pepperjam will ALSO reject you. i am Not sure about shoppingads but pepperjam will almost always reject you if you were rejected by e bay themselves in the first place.
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