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May 4, 2013
Hey guys,

I have several adsense blogs and draw traffic via pinterest. Mostly my blogs are about make up/hairstyle tips ectc. I heard about blogs which got punished because of duplicate content. But I was wondering how it works if you got a blog based only on images, like for example a blog full of memes, funny pics etc. I have seen pleeenty of such blogs witch only copied image content rank insanely high by now (These blogs were not even high quality, just a huge amount of the usual copied viral funny pics and NO text at all) So I assumed that the originality of content is not that important to google when it comes to images/pics. Is this true? Does google not detect or punish your blog because of copied image content?

Because if this is really the case I thought of just copying sceenshots of other pages (including the written text) for my hairstyle blog because all the writing is getting tedious especially if you're not a native speaker...
So if the "text content" of your blog takes the form of a sceenshot image you probably won't get punished by google for copied content..Can anyone confirm this, before I start trying this method!!!?
The blogs you mentioned, do they have sources of their pictures, below the image..

A safe method would be to give a link to the actual blog that contains the actual picture, in that way you wont be penalized..
thanks for your answer. Well, some of them do but a lot of them don't. I always wondered how a lot of these picture blogs can rank that well just by using solely a lot of (obviously stolen/copied) quickmemes...

also do you maybe have an idea if the screenshot method I thought about above could work? If I use only screenshots of other blog posts, doesn't that count as origninal blog content because google can't detect that a screenshot is copied text? Or am I missing sth here? my blog does not even have to rank (cause I'm using the pinterest+adsense method) I just want to prevent getting penalized for copied content...and I'm not really a pro, so I just wanted to ask the experts (or maybe anyone is using this method here), before I start using screenshot as posts for my pinterest blog.
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