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    Jan 6, 2008
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    Hey all,

    I have a dating blog which i started in april that has low traffic. Just rely on organic search traffic submitted to a dozen directories and 5 or 6 yahoo answers messages.

    I monetized it with adsense (makes like $5 a and various dating banners from I choose all the offers that were doing best there and I have had no monies made.

    Then i signed up for neverblue and and less than a month i have 5 converts for like $15 with much less clicks. Keep in mind that the neverblue stuff is less popular but still converting.

    Needless to say, something is up with CJ (3 months of no converts). So, I'm switching everything to neverblue and rocketprofit.

    Maybe there's some hitch or maybe people are'nt clicking...
    But 3 months of ads in premium location and no clicks at CJ... and then all of a sudden 5 conversions at neverblue from ads lower down the page... smells like fishies to me.

    Anyone have any similar problem with CJ.
    I would love to know