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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mynameis940, Feb 4, 2014.

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    I'm a very beginner with GSA and I was wondering something about building links. I've read a lot of posts, threads and people opinions and some people say it's better as a beginner to focus on building high PR links, quality, with low OBL and others say to blast it as quick as possible, and I have doubts what to do now, I've been trying to make my decision for 2 days so far and I need your help BHW.

    Do I go for high PR links with low OBL only (low LpM ofc) or I go for more links? Also, what type of links do you recommend for tier 1 beside web 2.0?

    And one more question, as a beginner of GSA, how do I work with tiered link building?

    Thank you.
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    go for high PR links with low OBL, now quantity of backlinks does not matter but quality does and i will suggest you to don't use any tool to create backlinks.
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    As a beginner its always better to do homework first ! There are many methods explained in the official GSA thread and its better to take some time to read it !

    Well, its always better to experiment with GSA. But not to a money site. May be a test web 2,0 site. Try all the possible options ... kws variation, platforms etc
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    You may use GSA for 1st tier only with a huge amount of unique, never used before articles + wordai spin or %spinfolderdelete% (better if You can get a lot of articles). Instead build your 1st Tier manualy. Make a good mix with quality bookmarks, social networks, pdf and ever build good social properties and signals.

    Even for the second tier you have to use quality sources, never use spam ones. OBL matters only for the comments, so You should create a separate campaign for that.