question about broken links, nonindex links, and hidden links for those who bought sape

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    Main question: Do you take hidden text links, because its to many of them to awoid, or do you seek for normal text links ?
    25 days ago i bought service from 0future, today i am evaluating links

    ouf of 80 links, i checked almoust half of them right now in moment of speaking (i will manually check all) and out of like 35 links (i checked first PR 4, and PR3, now checking PR2) i can say i found only 2 good!! (25 days since i bought service, and 5 days left to make next recurring payment)

    its like ouf of 35 links, only 5 of them have my links in google cache and also on page (they reindexed with my links) ...but 3 out of those 5 have hiddent links....would you take them or ask for new?

    the thing is if i replace then...i must wait again for like 1 month (and pay of course again) to see new links being cached
    and i bet it doesnt look good in google eyes if link is added for 1 month and then removed
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