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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by sackboy127, Jul 11, 2010.

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    I'm going to post some articles to Ezine linking to my Micro Niche Sites for better search engine results, but first I would like to make a few things clear.

    So my site is based around a 3-word keyword, and I have the exact domain. Should the article be around the same keyword, with that in the title, or does it just have to be in the same niche?

    Or could you please give me a general overview about what kind of article should I post to Ezine?

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    I would submit articles about popular topics that will get high page views and in the resource box put 2 links. 1 to your home page and 1 to a subpage of that domain. If you submit an article about the same topic and use the same keywords that article will end up outranking your site and you dont want that. With your keyword - exact domain match the link juice from ezine will shoot you up the rankings. Would prob submit 15 unique articles about various popular topics with an index page link and a subpage link in the resource box over the course of 10 days.
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    Often tend to put as much time in writing the titles as I do the 450 word content LOL

    Title is high in priority n a good trick is to view other articles in the category you plan on posting on and checking out the titles of the "most viewed" articles as they often use the niche keywords and if u can get away with it, do it, if not then bummer :p eg, in Cosmetic Surgery category the most viewed list consists mainly of breast enlargement and reduction articles, if u can get urself on that most viewed list your article shows up on every other article within the category. The title seems to be the biggest bringer of visitors.

    If ur not trying to get into the most viewed list then from my own experience the main focus is a quality title n quality anchor text. Content is easy enough plus they wont let u submit ur article if the keyword density it OTT but check the density anyway and run it by copyscape if u outsourced the content writing, just to be sure :p
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