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    This is a screenshot of my Adult Friend Finder earnings page. I'm a little confused...

    As you can see, I've got a good amount of clicks on my link. 6 people even signed up (I'm on the pay-per-signup option) However, I don't see any money. Zero dollars.

    My only theory about why it's showing $0.00 is: there's a notice on that page saying "new signups must be approved, this may take up to 2 days" Maybe because it's the weekend, the AFF offices are closed and nobody is approving them, and I'll have to wait until Monday. Hence, no money is showing up.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this, or offer any other explanation about why I'm not getting any money when it says I have 6 signups? Thanks!
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    Your affiliate manager probably needs to qualify the first couple of leads before they credit your earnings to your account. Don't worry, it'll show in a couple days.
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