Question: 1 dedicated server + 5 headless computers + SB + SEN = how can I be efficient?

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    I am new to blackhat seo but been reading a while. I started to test stuff around last summer and then got busy till lately where I started again.

    I purchased SB and Senuke and I have several headless computers that are reliable and fast and a dedicated server with a VM installed on where SB is running.

    I also have 2 assistants that work for me, whether it is for article writing, account creation, etc...

    Although I am new to blackhat, I own and have owned several successful websites, where my income comes from.

    I am willing to expand my knowledge and invest my ressources in SEO. I do have my strategies to convert my idea to money, this is not a problem.

    My newb situation is regarding the black hat seo process and would like to use my ressource to 100% to make something efficient, but also stay on the safe side and not fall into abusing the system and getting "sandboxed" by Google.

    I am a newb, but not an idiot, I need your advice, your opinions, what general strategy do you suggest I follow? Should I just work on manual SEO with my assistants, should I keep SENUKE open 24/7 on all my headless computers? I have 2 SB licenses, one on my dedicated server, and one on a headless computer (but I don't use this one because I am killing my bandwidth), I have a high-internet speed of 60gbps. I am also monthly subscribed to BLI, NCL, Linklicious, tested few trials here and there, tested article content writer, tested and bookmarked a list of people that offer excellent gigs on Fiverr.

    I am not asking you to spill your secrets. But a guideliene would be appreciated. How long does it take to see results? Should I just work on one site at a time, or run my campaigns fully on several sites? At some point, with all the info, and .csv files and .txt files and the scraping and indexing and campaigns, you get so overwhelmed with the quantity of information and stuff, and I think is why I am questioning the strategy and demanding the advice of the gurus in this field. I know patience is key, I am not rushing, and there is no rush anyhow, I just wanna learn from you to try to avoid as much mistakes as possible and to stay on the right track.

    Thanks for the help and advice in advance. If I can help back as well, just let me know how :)
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