Query on junk traffic redirection. Is what I'm doing correct??


Aug 8, 2009
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Hi all. Can someone please let me know if what i plan to do is ok?
This is with regards to junk traffic and redirection

I have:

1. Blackhat content locker site (using non-incentive offers)
2. Whitehat Standard review-style website

I plan to create a subpage in the whitehat site e.g whitehat,com/offer.html which will redirect to the cpa offer.

On my bh site which uses wp guardian (necessary to referer blank here?), my links will point to whitehat,com/offer.html.

Simiarly, i will also direct my junk traffic (planning to go with findology "Cost per impression") to whitehat,com/offer.html to lower conversions.

Could anyone advise as to whether this is fine? (Any holes in the procedure etc.)

Thanks for any advice!
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That should work, but your junk traffic will show their refs and such from random websites, so it's a good idea if you blank it. You'll want to blank the ref the whole way so that it stays congruent. If you leave a few refs here and there and the majority are blanked...I think it'll raise flags especially if they start suspecting you.
Thanks for your input BearyManaLow.

If i did not understand you wrongly, the process is outlined as follows:

BH site with wpguard --Ref Blanked--> Points visitors to whitehat,com/offer,html --Ref Blanked--> Redirected to cpa offer

Junk traffic from findology -----> white,com/offer,html --Ref Blanked--> Redirected to cpa offer immediately (So 1 "view" would = 1 "click" for stats)

You were saying the junk traffic will show ref, but wouldn't the ref be seen as "whitehat,com/offer.html" since they were pointed there first before they got redirected to the offer??

My initial thought is that they would see "whitehat,com/offer.html" as the referer, thus faking it, which would be more credible. Or is there something i understood wrongly??

Thanks for helping out!
BlackBertrand and I have discussed this via the blackhatzen support system, but with the release of Referer Guardian, this process will become much easier to do. You'll be able to just use the URL provided by Referer Guardian and pump your junk traffic through it to make it appear as if it is coming through your white hat site.
I'd just have <BH site> --> <WH site, cpa redirector landing page> --> CPA offer
Then send junk to <WH site, cpa redirector landing page> --> CPA offer

That way from your BH site the click goes straight to the offer but the networks sees your WH LP, same goes for junk traffic.

In my opinion blanking is not needed when you can fake it easily enough. If the network asks why you're blanking and you say "because i dont want you to steal it" it doesnt come across very well to them, i'd rather create a well designed landing page and have them not question it at all.
Thanks for all your replies. Yeah i discussed it with olden, will be using his updated ref guardian to fake ref when it comes out.
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